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It’s alive! It’s ALIIVVVEEE!!!! The new Blue Moon Retreat website is online and ready for viewing! We are excited to share our easy-to-read website with the Blue Moon family. http://www.bluemoonretreat.ca We worked hard to create a website that would function properly across all devices so if you find any bugs...

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North Hastings a world-class snowmobiling destination

“According to Bulas it is the “world-class” scenery that decorates the trailside that keeps them coming back to North Hastings to ride. Although he and his friends like to ride their snowmobiles in the rural areas near around Hamilton, Bulas describes the experience as “missing something” in comparison to riding...

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Kayaks & Canoes Ready

Spring is almost here! In many parts of the country, snow is melting, ice is breaking up, and rivers long held captive by winter are free. It’s time to pull the canoe out of the shed, and get it back on the water! As we continue towards the end of...

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Spring in Algonquin

Spring in Algonquin Park comes later than surrounding areas as a result of the Park’s higher elevations. When snow and ice have left Toronto or Ottawa, Algonquin Park is often still very wintry. Ice on Algonquin’s lakes usually remains until the last week of April or the first week of...

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High Noon – New Kitchen

Last month we internally talked about a new kitchen concept for the High Noon Cottage. Well, here it is folks! Finally we can post the High Noon kitchen renovation. It turned out amazing and we’re excited for everyone to use it! We have positioned all the appliances within arms reach...

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Algonquin Provincial Park

From the YouTube description: “The documentary is based on Algonquin Provincial Park, located in North-Central Ontario. It is called “Dusk & Dawn” and shows the park’s wildlife at Dusk/Dawn hours. Some of the animals in documentary are, Bull Moose, Cow Moose, Eastern Wolf, Great Blue Heron, Red Fox, Beaver, River...

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